The Story Of:

Maddy Kearse Fine Art

Maddy Kearse is a 21-year-old artist and designer based in Aotearoa, NZ. She creates artwork through both traditional and digital mediums which are intended to speak to the soul. The artist is also well known for her personalised pet portraits and is available for commission.

Who am I


My vision is to build my brand and offer a wide range of art services as well as other handmade products. I wish for my brand to be aligned with spirituality and holistic ideas as this is an important part of my life experience. 

Kia ora friends, 

My name is Maddy, I'm a 21 year old creative soul from Aotearoa (NZ). 

Ever since I could hold a paintbrush I've been putting paint to paper. And since then I've moved through many different styles and mediums - and continue to do so now.

I LOVE bold and bright colours as well as any pink, orange or yellow hue literally under the sun. My work tends to centre around spirituality, body image and often has feminist themes underlying my pieces.

I create original artworks using gouache as well as digital art prints which I create using the iPad Pro and the app procreate.

I hope you'll find a piece that calls to your soul as much as it has to mine. 

Nga mihi,